Friday, July 24, 2015


For this Petty I am making a wa. I like the geometry and balance of the octagonal wa. Here I have assembled the materials and drilled pilot holes in their centres.
The pieces are 1/4" copper, ebony, white turquoise gemstone composite, black fibre space and stabilized maple burl. All of the pieces except the copper are drilled for 7/16" wooden dowel.

The copper will hopefully add a little bit of weight to the centre of the knife.
Once the dowel is cut to length (short is better than too long) I epoxied and clamped all the pieces together.
Once the epoxy is set, I start to shape the handle on the belt sander. The large flat area is easy to work on. I am using an 80 grit aluminum oxide belt here.
After the block is square, that is right angled corners, I scribbed markings to make it easier to see the 45° angles that will be ground next.
Here I am taking the points off at 45°. Dipping in water frequently as the copper can really heat up. Even pressure and steady hands make this part look good. I do the front ferrule part, then the back of the handle. Then I feather them together in the middle.

Here is the wa after about 30 minutes of sanding on the belt sander.

My second wa!


  1. Hi Cris,

    Thanks for stopping by. I am a fan of your work.