VFDs: Part 4 - Single-Phase Input VFD

Single-Phase Input VFD

Given that most of us will have only 240 V single-phase in our shops, we need to be certain that the drive we are buying allows single-phase operation. Yes, we have to be careful as some (even small capacity VFDs) are rated only for three-phase input only.

Our ideal VFDs take in 240 Volts and output three-phase to run a motor. The speed and the direction can easily be changed. In this sense a VFD is a digital phase converter, meaning it converts single to three-phase.

Here are a few single-phase 240 V VFDs that I could look up in a short time.

Please note there are dozens more great VFDs brands out there. These are some drives that I or my associates have worked with in the past. They are all from reputable manufacturers.

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